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    Beverly Hills-2

                                2, November 23rd 2001

        Made for Television Ice Show Special.

        Beverly Hills Civic Centre Plaza.

        450 No. Rexford Drive, BeverlyHills, CA.

        Scene: Magnificent three story ‘amphitheater’ with 40x60 ice.                                         

        One dress rehearsal at 3:00PM – open to the public mailto:rehearsal@3:00PM ,                                

        Two official shows: 5:00PM and 8:00PM.

        All ticket proceeds from the show go to the Sept. 11th Fund.

        Amazing lighting and camera angles from a five camera setup.

        First airing on NBC TV and thereafter cable around December 3rd.

        Three other TV airings expected in December.

        Special guests: Members of New York’s Bravest – the NYFD.



    9 year old skating sensation Marina Guterres of  Beverly Hills skated a nice routine to ‘Silent Night’ and welcomed Ice-Princess Pasha and her Prince to the ice! The only Lady Two Time Olympic Gold Medallist Pasha and three time British Pairs champion Mike Aldred officially opened the show and perform to ‘Where I Belong.’ This duo gets along wonderfully! Mike has Pasha’s fullest confidence as they perform a scene from the upcoming tours ‘Cinderella.’ Many great lifts and innovative Pasha choreography.



    Some of the best skating Pasha has ever done with any partner is shown here in this performance. Pasha wears a custom made light blue gown, her Prince looks dashing in his blue velvet tights and white frilly shirt! Pasha has her hair done by Jose Eber salon in Rodeo Drive.


                       Next up was Lu Chen who skated to ‘Diamond’. Beautiful as always.

     Russian star Alexei Yagudin then performed a great routine to ‘Winter.’ He certainly has his jumps down   and looks in wonderful shape for SLC.


      American stars Roca & Sur performed to ‘Greensleeves.’ Very nice.

    A ‘Special Olympics’ pair then skated to ‘America the Beautiful.’ Heartbreaking.

    Lu-Chen re-emerged and skated to ‘Let it Snow.’ Strutting and pouting in a nice red and silver Xmas type outfit.

    Yagudin then performed his ‘Memorial’ routine, which remind us PashaOksanaGrishuk&EvgenyPlatov triumph Gold Olympic ‘Memorial’ performance. Great applause from the crowd. Very fancy, fast and intricate footwork sequence here. Very emotional. Well received by the audience.

    Roca & Sur perform ‘You’ll Never walk Alone.’ Nice routine, matching blue outfits.

    Six Lady ensemble performs ‘Waltz of the Flowers.’ Pink and gold ball gowns. Great choreography by Pasha once again! This routine is a part of the Cinderella and Nutcracker Tour performances. Ensemble have hair and makeup by Frederick Fekhai Salon.




    Princess Pasha wore a beautiful white and silver applique dress, custom made by Bebe in Beverly Hills. Princess Pasha and her Prince performed the famous ‘Pas de Deux’ duet from Petr Tchaikowsky’s Nutcracker, to a STANDING OVATION at the 8:00PM show!!! Many magnificent adagio style lifts, spins and spirals. Highlight was the final lift – a DETROITER! – where Mike had Pasha balanced on one arm as she twirled like a propeller over his head about seven feet off the ice!!! Incredible to see in person. Crowd roared with approval! This was Mike’s very first standing ovation, ever, after fifteen years of performing. His feelings can not be written by words. He was so very happy to skate with Princess Pasha together!


    Pasha’s friends famous Hairstylist to The Stars, Jose Eber and equally famous attorney Robert Shapiro came backstage to offer their congratulations. Pasha received a magnificent bouquet of flowers from a big fan. Pasha stays behind a long time at the rink, signing autographs to fans.                              



    Whole cast alights to the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel for food and celebratory cocktails.

    Wonderful show, wonderful skaters, wonderful evening!!!


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