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Boise/Neuss The most successful female ice dancer in history turns a new leaf/goes a new way.

Pasha Grishuk, Two times Olympic Champion Ice Dance (at the 1994 Olympics and the 1998 Olympics) with her former partner Evgeny Platov and also four times World and three times European Champion, had her debut as a single dancer in Boise ( Idaho) last Thursday.

"I will make this a new discipline, single dance" says the blonde Russian, who will turn 28 on March and has many more plans: "I will do many more things".

Exactly one year ago Pasha Grishuk started to think about a singles career.

After the split with Evgeny Platov, who left her in July 1998 and started a new career with third class skater Maya Usova, Pasha has a short partnership with Alexandr Zhulin, who has to end his career due to back problems. Now Pasha is all of a sudden alone.

She has never thought about stopping skating: "I have had to overcome many difficulties in my life and therefore I have also seen this situation as a challenge”.

Determined and without a trainer Pasha Grishuk starts her single career on so-called Freestyle skates, which have longer blades than ice dances skates and therefore ask for a very different way/approach of skating.

On these she started the unusual jumps ( for her): I have trained as a single skater when I was little, but after that never again.

On the ice rink in Los Angeles Randy Gardner, former World Champion Pairs, quickly notices Pasha's attempts and offers to become her coach.

Since approximately a half-year they work together:"He has helped me so much with the jumps." "Pasha had a solid landing on the double toe loop and double axel, but her triples she did not try".

The audience at the Charity event in Boise admire her wonderful artistic style/ wonderful artistry, which she showed in ice dancing, being on the leading position half a decade.

Determined she keeps working on her singles skating elements also when the rumor that Pasha Grishuk will start ice dancing next season with Oleg Ovsiannikov enter the scene.

The Russian Federation, who has already asked the World Federation, the ISU, for reinstatement for their prima ballerina, wants to make sure that they will have a number one couple now that the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City are coming up, especially since Russia didn't medal at the European Championships in Vienna.

Pasha Grishuk doesn't want to speak about this subject. Ovsiannikov's partner Anjelika Krylova is worried about the continuation of her competitive career, because she has a chronic spinal injury, which already caused her to withdraw from all the competitions this season.

"It would be awful for Anjelika to know that her longtime partner is planning to go on without her, -says Pasha: My performance in Idaho was also a message of friendship to her: I skate on my own, I don't wish your career is over."


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