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" Two-time (and current) Olympic Champion figure skater Pasha Grishuk transcends disciplines to make professional debut "

Two years ago Pasha stood on the podium at Nagano, Japan in February 1998 and cried, listening to her National anthem as she received her second (and unprecedented back to back) gold medal for ice dancing at the Winter Olympic Games.

This made a total of '26 gold medals' she had won in her dramatic career.

Coming out of nowhere at the Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway in 1994 to snatch the coveted gold medal and dethrone the, then current champions Torvill and Dean. For the next four years Pasha and her partner NEVER lost an event or competition, anywhere in the World. Fast-forward two years - Pasha is still making news, and making history!

She has decided now to skate solo and thus became the ONLY female Olympic Champion ice dancer to successfully make the transition to a professional 'SINGLES' skater - in the annals of the sport.

It is easier for pair skaters to do this, as they incorporate jumps in their routines - and several have switched to singles and even back again - but never has an ice dancer managed to do so, successfully.

Now here she is standing on the ice, once again (this time on her own) at The Bank of America Centre and Arena, in Boise, Idaho, March 2nd 2000.

The show is a made for TV special called "Medallists on Ice" and is promoted by both IMG and Diamond Sports Ent. Fellow skaters include such well knowns as Brian Orser, Yuka Sato, Karyn Cadavy and (her friend) Nicole Bobek. " The other skaters bought me a little Piggy-Bank for good luck, and put money in it too, they were all soooo sweet! ", said Pasha.

" To tell the truth, it was probably a little easier for me than some because I began my career as a singles skater at age four and for almost eight years did all the jumps, including a variety of doubles and triples ".

" However it has taken a lot of hard work to get here, training and working out for up to five hours, five days a week - for just less than a year. I have always been known as a hard worker on the ice - and learned self-discipline many years ago. This is what I want, and am willing to do whatever it takes to be successful. "

" I took part in three group numbers: a 'waltz', a 'western' and a contemporary piece, (all choreographed by Lee-Ann Miller of SOI) and skated two beautiful solo routines for the audience and my fans. One 'L' for Love by Richard Clayderman (my outfit was the classic black dress), a very emotional and classical piano piece. The other was in complete contrast and great fun! , This was a Jennifer Lopez medley (wearing a 'hot' pink outfit!), starting slow and building up to very fast - it was well received! and I didn't miss a jump or have a spill; I'm verrrrry happy! - turned out better than I hoped for first time around! I gave four interviews on local radio stations AND met the Governor of Idaho, The Hon. Dirk Kempthorne, who also came to the show ".

" I now have three brand new singles skating programs available: two classical and the rock'n' roll medley, and have many doubles, spins and combinations in my routines - and am planning several different triples too (triple salchow is good!), which together with my ice dancing and acting influences is something fresh for the audience - I cannot wait for them to see! ", said Pasha.

" To tell the truth, for me, figure skating is not only about jumps and spins - but every step is a word, forming sentences and the whole routine tells a story. You must give it your all, I am an entertainer and the audience always comes first. "

" I have several other wonderful routines in the works also, and look forward to skating them soon. I already have several commitments for major shows this season, and should be on tour again this year and next. ".



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