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    The bravado of this fine skater just goes to show his professionalism and dedication to the show. It is no wonder that fans flocked to see the Nutcracker at such a high rate that 6 shows had to be added. I say bravo to him and the entire cast and crew for a job well done.

    I am so glad that everything is going so well with the Nutcracker production. Any chance of seeing it here in California? Anna


    HELD OVER!!!!! This is the best news. This is the true measure of a show's success, fan appreciation. Congratulations, again, to Pasha, cast, and crew. I'm so happy to read this. Bevelusha



    Due to the outstanding success of Nutcracker on Ice and the great demand for tickets, Pasha and her wonderful cast and crew have consented to add 6 more shows to their schedule in Biloxi. My thanks to Pasha and her cast for meeting their fans wishes and congratulations for a great job. You, your cast and crew and your management are truely angels to allow as many people as possible to see your interpretation of a fine classic.

    Hello everybody, It's a really nice surprise to see the messages from two ladies who are so busy these days, can imagine the hectic schedule they are following up, and still have found the time to come to our little place and greet us! Very appreciated! All the success on Earth and happy moments with Tchaikovcky! Lots of love and best wishes to all, Claire and family


    Dearest Oksana, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! With tears in my eyes I read your last message. Thank you so very much for sharing with us your success. Congratulations to you Pasha! I am so proud of you! A heartfelt thank-you Pasha for all the things youíve done for me during my difficult time last year. I keep you in my heart and you will never be far from my heart. You are always a part of my life. I wish you have fun, and enjoy your skating and also relax... because you deserve to! My love... forever and ever. Dear Sharon, thank you very much for your post! We will be very happy to hear from you more. Scott.



    Dearest Pasha. I am so thrilled at your great success in the Nutcracker on Ice. Your inspiring leadership and friendship to not only the highly skilled skaters but also the number of skaters new to the high level of professionalism required to put on such a professional show should be an example to all of the other elite skaters in the world. You are to be congratulated for being a true figure skating icon. You are truely the real ice angel.


    Dearest Pashenka, thanks for the Gift of Happiness Your Friendship to us. Thank you so very much for your gift to Biloxi people! Nutcracker on Ice with Pashenka is the greatest show Iíve even seen! I hope that everything is going well in your lives right now. God has definitely been taking care of you. May Jesus touch you! May the Lord keep you in His care always! You're in my heart and in all of my Best Wishes! May your days be happy and bright! Thought of you with love in my prayers today! Always your fan Roland.

    Dear Pasha, Iíve been thinking of you very big time. I am so glad that you skate for the audience again! I am trilling for your great success in Nutcracker and in Beverly Hills. I am crying for joy reading all wonderful news about you. You are truly the greatest skater. Congratulations to you! I keep you in my prayers. God Bless you! Love, Theresa.


    Pasha, it has been a while since I posted on your board, but I wanted to tell you how glad I am that you are back skating in front of an audience. It sounds like the show is going very well, and it is great to hear how happy you are! Just think how far you have come in a year. Keep up the good work.







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