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    " Nutcracker on Ice with Pasha is indeed great"

    ***Finale -Nutcracker on Ice *** So here it is, the final two performances (December 17th 2000) of the  sensational sell-out 23 show run of Nutcracker on Ice, BeauRivage Resort in Biloxi, MS. - starring Pasha Grishuk as 'Clara', Sergey Tartykov as 'The  Nutcracker Prince' and Eric Bohnstedt as 'Drossllemyer.' Principal  ensemble: Sharon Wissel and Olga Zhiltsova. Cast: Suzanna Hodges, Taylor  Lutzwick, Andrea Hydokovich, Laura Schwartz, Adam Van Eckhout and Wesley Higginbotham.

     Producer: Jay Ward/TPM Productions,
     Director: Mikhail Belousov (Russian Ballet on Ice),
     Choreographer: Juliana Malkhaissants (Bolshoi Theatre), Pasha Grishuk.

    A holiday season family favorite, the Nutcracker is without a doubt ballet's most beloved tradition.

    "We are tremendously excited by this project" says Director Mikhail Belousov. "This is really an extraordinary, "once-in-a-lifetime" opportunity. The overall result will be a breathtaking, professional production that the whole community will enjoy."

    Nutcracker on Ice choreographed by Juliana Malkhaissants and Pasha Grishuk to music composed by Petr Tschaykovsky, is the triumph of one of the great artistic collaborations of 21st century figure skating.

      *** More than thirty thousand patrons have so far lined up to see this>  great adaptation of Tschaikovsky's Xmas classic in Biloxi. (BTW -although  this presentation was part of the 'Russian Ballet of Ice' - of which Pasha  is the 'Prima Ballerina', it was decided to make the show more mainstream  by adding additional jumps, spins and new elements than usual.)***

    Everyone skater was in Nutcracker on Ice  wonderful and did his best!

    *** Here is the highlight of the show! - both pas de deux (adagios) between Pasha and her Prince were going very smoothly and to great applause in all the shows. Using extraordinary choreography with many excellent new elements, lifts: Pasha on high - she on one leg; then one 'headbanger', one 'fishtail' and directly into the next lift where Pasha is held by one leg, with another; trailing on the stage - skating around him five times. Pasha gets in to the act and throws in both a double sal  and a double toe in the finale - and the curtain goes down to great applause!!! ***

     Pasha has shown the world once again how to combine wonderful choreography and breathtaking skating, using a combination of dancing, singles and pairs movements to create a  theatrical extravaganza on ice!

    Family and friends (Mom's/Dad's and grandparents) of the  ensemble cast have traveled (literally) from as far afield as Minnesota to see their boys and girls and take many photo's backstage, with Pasha  (mostly.) *** J. Barry Mittan the professional photographer arrived in time for the last show and took photo's of the actual performance - look for them in your fave skating magazine soon. After the final curtain comes down Pasha gives all the cast a Xmas present and many group and individual photo's are taken on the ice.

    *** All in all, a remarkable show from a great cast and crew!  All that remains now is to have a party and go home the next day. Sad,but  life has to go on. Many new friends have been made, and everyone exchanges  emails and phone numbers.

     *** Till the next time :) Bye from Nutcracker in Biloxi!

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