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    The day I would meet PASHA there aroused an odd kind of excitement I have seldom felt before. Me, being a sportsman myself, was about to face the double Olympic Champion in ice-skating – I somehow felt a deep respect before the meeting, before the person of PASHA herself.

    So it turned out to be a very pleasant, friendly and even cheerful happening thus both the fans and PASHA were, as far as I can judge over it, in high spirits and little jokes and cheerful glances pepped up the atmosphere. The weather that day was as nice as one can imagine by this time of the year, so the plenty of sunshine was used by the fans for numerous of snapshots during which the faces in front of the camera lenses smirked against the glistening sunlight. The general mood occupied a smile on every face – both due to the sun and the warm current of feelings, generated in the listeners by the words of Pasha. She talked about her good times, in the past, as she used to skate for the first time; then about her inner state around her greatest accomplishments, ever been seen on ice – the Olympic Games Champion Titles in two successive periods; she spoke about the present – her acting in films and the aims, she has set herself, her striving for what fulfills her with joy. An astounding aspect of her search for fulfillment is that her own joy-giving to the others – by skating, acting, or whatever else, represents a major factor of her inner fulfillment. A statement easy to believe, thus there is nothing of the superficial and  often super-fluous pomp of  the celebrities about her – she is real and natural, characteristics, which lightly evoke positive inclination in the public.

    The bread interest about PASHA´s personality was witnessed by the variety of countries, the fans came from that day: there were several Dutchmen, Asians, Russians and Germans from regions afar. They all have found the neatly arranged hall in the core of the little town of Sarstedt in the north of Germany – they have burdened a couple of days´ trip upon themselves for the sake of spending several hours in the company of Pasha. I really thought myself lucky, since I live just a pair of minutes away from that place. But not only for that reason: the happening on that day was not just a meeting between a star and her fans, as they use to take place in general, as one imagines them they do – the case was different: I was surely not the only visitor who went home enriched. Enriched by the story of so young and though so experienced a person, the presence of a strong personality which lightly and invisibly touched a cord in the inner sensibility of every one.

    Having attended the meeting with PASHA gave me and the public, I reckon, an intense experience about the difference between just wishing things to fulfill and the guts to make the mere wishing come true; it needs a lot more than just wishful thinking, it needs deeds, which are seldom comfortable. I still wonder where such outstanding personalities like PASHA take the strength from so as to accomplish this – is it inspiration, or the need to communicate with the broad public in their own, ingenious way?


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