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    Talktime1999 Fan-meeting.


    Talktime with Pasha (Hearty welcome to Iceprincess Pasha from her fans)
    The popular Figure Skater Pasha Oksana Grishuk has pleased her fans in Sarstedt with a visit.

     All fans were invited to have time to talk with her. The organisation of this fan-meeting was organized by Pasha's aunt Sonja Kujawski. The Welcomearrangement to honour the Icedance Queen Pasha Oksana Grishuk was a big Success for all the Fans who will be there. During the lazy talking with Pasha the fans get a little experience of the life of their Idol. Also her further plans about working as an actress and living in Hollywood she offers to the fans. Pasha takes lessons for acting and plays herself at "Beverly Hills 90210".
    After her Figure Skating Career she plans to become an actress in Hollywood. She also has to answer many questions about her new Showprogram - of course in English. Her aunt Sonja Kujawski and a friend of the Family,Mr.Svilen Mitev,do the translation of all the questions and answers during the meeting. A big present for Pasha comes from one of her Sponsors during the meeting. It was a very precious watch that they made to her as a present. After a little break the fans could see a videorecording from her free program at Lillehammer. After some hours and lots of questions Pasha could relax and devote herself to her family.
     (Florian Beitzen) ______________

     Starallures are not a part of Pasha -

    in spite of all her successes on television running the last pictures of the Lillehammer free program.Then the Video is over and the screen turns to black.Devotious Silence is in the Room.Pasha Grishuk looks around,smiles and asks: "What's up, all sleep in ?" Certainly 80 Fans at the Sarstedter Residencia Boarding House start to laugh. Everyone who has not opend his Heart for the graceful Russian Lady,at this moment he lost it to her. But for Pasha it was like being at home.The many Russian-Germans are totaly charmed from her. It was not hard to imagine how popular Pasha was in her Country.In Germany you just have to imagine that you go shopping beside Boris Becker and Steffi Graf. Pasha Grishuk is olympic champion twice and collected many championtitles and records. In every arena around the world the people encounter her with admiration and often with adoration. But even because of this it was herself who goes towards the people,asks questions and starts conversations. Pasha listen concentrated to people.And she wants to be understand.She gives - in russian and english - answers to all the questions just untill everybody knows what she thinks and feel. She tells her fans a lot about it.About the removal to Los Angeles after the Olympic Games in Nagano,about the starting of her Pro career in California. She told about that she is skating now solo,which is a real fascination for her,after so many years Icedancing. The translator Svilen Mitev got many problems to follow her:very fast he jumps between english,german and russian language. Pasha is now ful of passion and talks about the chances you can have when you live in Hollywood: "I can play myself at the Series Beverly Hills 90210" she tells proud the people. She now takes reguar actinglessons and want to become an actress later if she can't skate anymore. She tells about that she was happy as a child,as she met Arnold Schwarzenegger while she was shopping. "Los Angeles is an amazing City for young people",she swarm about the metropole Los Angeles."You should search your luck there". Of course no one in the audience has the chance to get there,because they didn't have the capability or the chance to get there.But everyone in the audience is happy for Pasha and for the chances she gets there. Also charmed from her is Mr.Peter Peter from the watchcompany Fortis. The company sponserd Pasha's appearance at the fanmeeting. After three hours she leaves the fanmeeting with the promise to all her fans that she comes back for sure. She will stay a few days in Sarstedt with her family.

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